Ginamarie - Co-founder

Ginamarie, is a dedicated and accomplished website developer and IG social media manager. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelors of Science with a marketing concentration.  With a strong background in marketing and a passion for digital strategies, she has honed her skills and expertise over the years, delivering exceptional results for her clients.

For the past three years, she owned and operated Ginamarie marketing, a successful venture where she specialized in various aspects of digital marketing. She focused on social media marketing, utilizing my creativity and knowledge to create compelling and engaging content that resonated with target audiences. Additionally, her proficiency in website development allowed her to build captivating and user-friendly websites using platforms like Shopify. From conceptualization to execution, she ensured that each website reflected the unique branding and vision of her clients. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey,  Gina gained invaluable experience in the corporate marketing world, specializing in brand management. This exposure provided her with a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and strategies, which she has seamlessly integrated into her current work.

Jess - Co-founder 

Founder of the literary magazine, Mirrorball Magazine. Jess received her Bachelors of Arts from Marymount Manhattan College in New York, NY. While there she studied English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and Digital Media and Video Production. With over 5 years of experience in the professional writing and media industry, she has amassed a great skill in storytelling, copywriting, and digital marketing. Additionally, she has worked as a creative director on short films and documentaries.  Her passion lies within helping people create or showcase stories that are meaningful to their audience whether it be through writing or digital mediums.
Together with our combined skills we prioritize delivering seamless user experiences and aesthetically pleasing designs. Understanding the importance of an impactful online presence,  We work closely with multiple businesses, strategizing and implementing branding initiatives that elevate their visibility and online reputation.